Excellent Question!

We simply deliver on Client expectation, because we understand that finding technical resources could be easily achieved, but finding IT Professionals who are committed, reliable and value long term relationships is rare, and that is where LinkThemUp bridges the gap. Our objective as a "Technology Implementation Partner" is to maximize the value that our clients derive from their IT investment, through the use of trusted technical expertise and unmatched customer service combined to deliver a delightful experience for our clients.

You Come First

We have instilled quality customer service into the company culture. We measure our employee performance not just by their contribution to the bottom line, but also by how satisfied their clients were. We strive to delight every single client we work with and excel at every project we work on. Contact us when convenient, to experience the difference.


We Focus on What We Do Best

We do not do everything; we do few things and do them well. Technology moves fast, there are new frameworks and API's coming up every day. We are very conscious of the quality we produce and hence would tell you upfront what we can and cannot do. Clear expectations and strong technical know-how are prerequisites for executing successful projects and we have got you covered.


Process Centric Approach

The value that we place on our process is one of our major differentiating factors and is our most appreciated trait. All our software projects follow a solid process framework starting from client engagement to solution deployment making sure that the project is always on track. Defining an elaborate process is indispensable while working with global teams. Our 4D process ensures that your project is delivered on time and aligned to the given specification.


Genuine Passion for Technology

We want to make sure that we are not considered another technology company on the block. Our sophisticated recruitment process ensures that we bring only those consultants and engineers on board that have a genuine passion for technology. We firmly believe that the most important ingredient driving individual performance is doing what one likes to do.