LTU IT Equipment Disposal is aimed at ensuring a secured and safe IT disposal of your unwanted IT hardware such as CPU's, Monitors, Printers, Keyboards, Mice and all other related hardware. Our IT team sees to it that all the data contained in the Computer hard drives are completely formatted to ensure the information is wiped off securely before the disposal of the equipments.

Equipments Included

Central Processing Unit

With or without the Cables


With or without VGA or HDMI Cables


With or without the Cables


With or without the connecting cables


Even damaged Mice


With or without the USB cables


With or without the cables


With or without the Charger

and more...

You can either give us a call to pick up the equipments you wish to dispose from your location or we can collect them when we come to do our usual IT support work.

  • PCs
  • Laptops
  • Monitors
  • Printers

£5 for a disposal of a monitor or a printer
£10 for a disposal of a physical Laptop or Notebook
£10 for a disposal of a physical PC

For bulk items, feel free to contact us for a revised price for IT Equipment Disposal or give us a call at +44 (0) 203 0869 95

Process Involved

What we do to ensure the data on any Computer is wiped clean.

Step 1: In other to ensure no data is left on your hard disk, we use military grade destruction process to make sure an absolute distraction of data

Step 2: The old hardware will be either recycled if possible or physically destroyed in an environmentally friendly manner. We can also offer a buy back option if you choose to buy back your recycled equipments