The New Way to move advance progress quicker within Church Ministry.

This system is a Specified Intelligence (SI) not an Artificial Intelligence (AI). The programming is orchestrated with sets of instructions by the Spirit of God and the codes are structured accordingly to provide the utmost solution required for the Shepherds or Pastors of Church Ministry. The Holy Spirit inspired us to embark on the development and our team acted in complete obedience; not knowing that this vision was indeed for a set time such as now. Habakkuk 2:2-3

Every functionality is uniquely customised for the Church of Jesus Christ and gives the resident Pastor absolute control over all data or information across the platform with a few click of buttons. However, each action is presented in easy to use pages and these tools are very useful for ease of access, a user-friendly interface, completely responsive design to fit any device screen size and ultimately, prompt on demand management with adequate and precise reporting capability.

The Super Admin is able to assign permissions to all the other users. There are several departments with customised functionalities such as: Technical, Children Teachers, Choir or Chorister, Drama (Creative Arts), Evangelism, Counsellor, Teenagers, Ushering, Protocol, Hospitality, Venue Management, Finance, Member Follow-Up, Health and Safety (HS) and Pastoral Care Team (PCT).

The system only allows one head of department (HOD) for each department and the rest of the Team members can be assigned other roles within the group.

The system contains both Cell & Department member attendance register for all users, which will help the Church to provide well-being support to all the members and the register is marked by either the department leaders, Data entry personnel or the Church Administrative Team - they are required to mark members present or absent for different events such as Regular Services, Mid-week Service, Prayer Meeting and online or other types of meetings.

List of main menu includes the following as Key Features:

Scripture Blog



User Birthdays

Church Attendance

Adult Members

Church Ceremonies

First-time Visitors

Finance & Givings

Choir Song lyrics

Interact Blog

Creative Arts Script

Children Record

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Child Testing

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