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Happy Customers

Computer Repair.

Linkthemup Technologies is fantastic. They get to the root of the problem immediately and are wonderful to deal with. They explain the problem and the plan they tend to take to solve the problem. Great people and excellent IT knowledge..

Website Application.

Linkthemup Technology, thank you so much for your professionalism and guidance during the building of our Ministry website. I am absolutely delighted with it and would have no hesitation in recommending you and your Company to others..

On-Site Technical Support.

I use Linkthemup for all my IT needs as we do not have an in-house IT staff. They are able to help, whether it is a computer crash, website issue, or any other technological problem. Their prices are very reasonable. They are very reliable and take care of my technology issues so I can focus on my business..

Website Application.

I have been meaning to have a website for my Business, for a long time, until a friend of mine, recommended Linkthemup to me, I was treated with kindness and promptness..

Computer Repair.

I received good service and an excellent after support was provided by Linkthemup to my satisfaction..

Graphic Design.

I recently required IT services & contacted LTU, after previously using their services before, I can highly recommend them as they are very professional, they tailor the job to suit the customers needs, and a huge advantage I would say is their speed, the promptness in getting the task done, the quality of work and their reasonable prices, are a combination of things that will make me keep coming back, and recommend them to others....

Computer Repair.

LinkThemUp is a reliable company. The staff are professional and friendly. Their prices are reasonable and they keep their appointments with clients. They make sure you are happy and are always ready to talk you through important instructions. I heard about them through a family friend when i needed to set up my pc and i can say i wasn't disappointed. Thank you link them up..

Computer Repair.

Mr Rayner did a marvellous job removing 2 different types of Malware from my PC on 17 Apr 2015. I am satisfied with his services. I have used him in the past and will continue to depend upon his skills and expertise in the future..

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