Non-Profit Organizations

LTU supports the work of non-profit organizations, foundations, educational institutions, and other charities that wish to utilize our service offerings. If your organization has non-profit status, as approved and authorized by the Charity Commission (CC), you are eligible for up to 20% discount on many of our hourly rates and service fees


The services that are eligible for this discount include on- and off-site technical support, web design & development, web maintenance, shared web hosting, and email marketing monthly fees and charges.

There are no forms to fill, a simple email to our billing department is usually sufficient for existing customers. However, we may request proof of non-profit status (via in the event that we suspect any misrepresentation.

New non-profit customers, please quote the following promo code when you get in touch with us: [NPO]

We have drafted some general features | requirements that will benefit any Charity Organisation, please click on the link below to view the full details [ Charity Web Features ]